Vida-Flo is the Original IV Hydration Clinic in America and the first to franchise the concept. We offer prospective franchisees a unique opportunity to become part of a fast-growing, emerging segment of the booming health and wellness industry. Our simple and efficient business model provides a fully-developed and replicated operation to make you successful. Clearly your efforts will also be a determining factor. You must be prepared to work hard, follow our system and meet the goals and objectives set for your business.

The following questions and answers are designed to help you accurately assess our franchise opportunity and make a fully informed business decision.

What makes the Vida-Flo franchise unique?

Vida-Flo was the original IV Hydration Clinic in the United States. We started with the goal of offering the most effective and medically safest way for Americans to rehydrate their bodies. Our targeted treatments allow for highly enhanced athletic performance, promotes overall health and beauty, and treats the effects of various illnesses including alcohol overindulgence. All of our procedures are done by licensed medical professionals in a clean, soothing environment and all clinics are overseen by medical directors that are board certified Medical Doctors.

If there is one thing on which doctors can agree, hydration therapy is extremely effective in returning you to peak condition before or after athletic competition or when recovering from sickness that depletes the body of fluids. Whether you want to maximize fluids and electrolytes before a big race, need to rehydrate after the big match, are recovering from a 24 hour bug or just had one too many the night before, Vida-Flo provides the solution in an affordable and time efficient way.

As the original and premier hydrotherapy provider in the United States once consumers experience our introductory offer many join our membership program. As a member, they commit to one service per month at a reduced rate and then receive additional services at up to 50% off our everyday reasonably priced services. The result is that members return often to take advantage of our other world class services.

Although there are other businesses that offer some of our services, there are non that provide the type of systems and structure found within the Vida-Flo corporate model. From our proprietary and unique membership program to the integrated turnkey software platform, “MyClinic”, Vida-Flo sets up our franchisees for success both operationally and financially.

What type of franchise is available?

Vida-Flo offers single, multi-unit, area, and regional development franchise opportunities.

What territories are available?

We are offering franchise opportunities from Texas to the northeast. We have chosen these territories to begin so that we can offer the premier operations support for all the franchisees in the system. But this does not mean we will not look at additional areas. If you are located outside this territory and feel it would be a successful addition to the Vida-Flo team please contact us to discuss this opportunity.

How much is the total initial investment?

The total initial investment to launch your Vida-Flo franchise is between $170,000 and $317,750. See the Franchise Disclosure Document for more information.

Can the initial investment be financed and does Vida-Flo offer financial assistance?

Vida-Flo does not offer any financial assistance. However, you may be
able to obtain financing from a lender depending on your professional
experience and financial history.

How much is the initial franchise fee?

The initial franchisee fee is $49,000 for a single unit, which is payable at the time the franchise agreement is executed.

What is the monthly royalty fee?

The monthly royalty fee is 7% of gross sales which is paid monthly.

What are the advertising contributions?

The marketing fund IS 2%, but currently is not being collected. Regional advertising cooperatives funds may be established in discrete regions. These funds are collected and franchisees within this region vote to determine how to best allocate these funds. The monthly Local Marketing Commitment is equal to the greater of $500 or 2% of your monthly Gross Revenues. We are available to assist you with your marketing efforts as needed to reach the largest audience in the most economic and effective way possible.

How long does a franchise last?

The initial term for the Vida-Flo franchise agreement is for a period of ten years. The agreement may be extended for two additional periods of five years. There is a renewal fee of $2,500 to cover administrative and legal costs.

What is the average size clinic?

1,500 – 2,500 square feet. Available real estate and the size of the market will be a factor in selecting a location. Franchisees may opt for a larger space outside those parameters.

How do I select a store location?

Selecting a store location is one of the most important decisions you will make, which is why when you join the Vida-Flo team we connect you with our preferred real estate broker. While selecting a store location is ultimately up to you, each location must be approved at Vida-Flo corporate. We know from experience the demographic and other criteria that will make the location successful. Once your location has been approved, you will be provided with the standard store design and we will work with you and your contractor to build out your space.

Is there support for building my Vida-Flo Clinic?

We provide you with written specifications for the goods and services you must purchase to establish your Clinic, as well as a written list of approved and/or designated suppliers for purposes of acquiring these goods and services.

How long does it take to open a Vida-Flo Clinic?

Our goal is for our franchisees to open their Vida-Flo clinic with four months from signing the lease. This timeframe ranges greatly depending on how long it takes to find a location, the length of the lease negotiation process, and the time it takes with local municipalities to get permitting. The construction timeframe can also be affected by unpredictable or unforeseen circumstances with the site. Our goal is to open the location as quickly as possible.

What type of initial training do I receive?

Before the opening of your Vida-Flo clinic, you and your manager will attend and successfully complete a 1-week training session at our corporate location in Atlanta, Georgia. You will learn all the essential aspects of operating a Vida-Flo store during your classroom and onsite training. During this time, you will receive the Vida-Flo operational kit including our store operating manual, training manuals for in-store personnel, and our point-of-sale system guide. Our team members will also assist with your pre-opening guidebook to keep you on track.

What form of continuing operational guidance will I receive?

Your Vida-Flo operations team will help with various opening items including inventory, personnel, merchandising, customer relations, and any other area that can help your facility open smoothly. Your designated Vida-Flo support team member will also provide a 1-week training session in your store to make the opening as seamless as possible.

Your Vida-Flo support team member will communicate with you on a monthly basis throughout your Franchise Term. And of course, our entire staff, from field representatives to the CEO, is only a phone call away. Your success is our success!

How many employees do I need in my clinic?

The number of employees is dependent on sales volume, but on average there are about 6 to 8 part-time and 1-2 full-time employees needed to run a store.

Do I need to be in my clinic every day?

Vida-Flo Owners have a trusted manager in each location, so they don’t have to be there every day. Initially, especially the first 3 to 6 months, the owner should be in their first locations on a full time basis or as much as possible.

Am I given territorial protection?

Yes, you will receive a protected or exclusive territory. Our standard protected territory is a three mile radius, however this territory will vary depending on the market area involved, population density, etc. and will be determined and agreed upon prior to the signing of the franchise agreement.

Can I sell my Vida-Flo franchise?

In general, the answer is yes. Your Vida-Flo franchise is a business with equity that can be bought and sold. However, just as we reserve the right to approve you as an original franchisee, we also reserve the right to approve any subsequent buyer.

How soon can I be in operation once I have been accepted as a franchisee?

Once you have been approved by the Franchising Executive Committee and the franchise agreement has been fully executed, together with the payment of the franchise fee, there are three factors which will determine the timetable to open your Vida-Flo clinic. The first factor is the length of time it takes to select a location; the second factor is the construction or remodeling period; and the third factor is the time it takes to successfully complete our training program. We expect this to be approximately four to six months.

What are the requirements to be considering as a franchisee for Vida-Flo?

We are searching for candidates who have seasoned franchise, business, or management experience and are searching for a business opportunity unlike any other. Our franchisees must have a total net worth of $1,000,000 and at least $350,000 in liquid assets.

I’m interested in learning more about becoming a Vida-Flo franchisee. What is the next step?

Fill out the request for information form or contact our Franchise Sales Department. Also, please refer to the Ten Steps to Owning Your Vida-Flo Franchise for the precise path to becoming part of our growing team.

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