Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Vida-Flo is a full-time business with a terrific, proven business model. We require all of our applicants to have a net worth of AT LEAST $1,000,000 with liquidity of AT LEAST $350,000. Unfortunately, if you are unable to meet these minimal financial standards, you will not be a candidate to purchase a franchise license. Additionally, the answers to the question regarding Core Values will determine whether we choose to contact you with the opportunity. These tenets represent the essence of our company and influence everything we do. We hope you appreciate that and want to be part of an organization driven by integrity.

Vida-Flo Core Values


A bond and promise to care for and help each other


Practice Honesty and Safety at every level


Communicate, Collaborate & Coordinate


Drive continuous strategic improvement


Align around delivering a TRANSCENDENT guest experience


Deliver the BEST always – EVERYTHING matters

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